Purple Bhujodi Saree
A purple handloom Bhujodi saree with such intricate detailing is a must-have for every modern Indian woman. The look of the saree is gorgeous and very appealing. It is teamed with minute intricate motifs. These lovely colours team up to make...
Rs. 10,450.00
Blue & Purple Bhujodi Saree
Beautifully Handcrafted Kutch Hand Weaving Saree. This blue & purple stripes and multicolour pallu Bhujodi saree is of Kala Cotton by Cotton. For its colour platter gradient effect has been used. Add a touch of natural beauty in your wardrobe as it's...
Rs. 8,000.00
Off White Bhujodi Saree
An off white handloom Bhujodi cotton saree with such vibrant pink and intricate detailing is a must-have for every modern Indian woman. The white base of the saree has a refreshing and calming essence. It is teamed with minute intricate...
Rs. 10,450.00
Red & Yellow Stripes Bhujodi Saree
Bhujodi sarees has the history and romance of the Rann of Kutch ingrained in its every thread. The process of creating a Bhujodi Saree is truly a story of slow romance which is first dreamed up and fantasised about in...
Rs. 8,000.00
Pink & Blue Kala Cotton Bhujodi Saree
The slow love between the weaver and his creations is true love, one that needs to be explained, one that can be felt the moment you touch this Pink with Blue and Grey stripes pallu Bhujodi saree Ian's feel its...
Rs. 5,000.00
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