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Zareen Candle
Rs. 1,125.00 Rs. 900.00
Zareen Candle
A chic design with a touch of royalty is how this zareen candle set has been made. It has gorgeous and intricately designed texture on top and has a brass finish. Lighten up the candle for radiant lightning. Place it on...
Rs. 1,125.00 Rs. 900.00
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Tara Lantern
Rs. 2,650.00 Rs. 2,120.00
Tara Lantern
  This Diwali let these gorgeous lanterns be the talk of the party in your festive gathering. This tara lantern is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor decor. Decorate it with small candles or tea lights and make the...
Rs. 2,650.00 Rs. 2,120.00
Golden Shagun Tray
Let the exotic charm of Indian architecture add a beautiful charm to your home decor this festive season. This round shagun tray has a beautiful golden pattern adorning it. Use this for golden shagun tray for Diwali and make your...
Rs. 1,450.00
Brass Moti Mahal Lantern
Create an enchanting ambience with this beautiful Brass Moti Mahal Lantern. This impressively designed brass lantern with brass handle is a perfect statement piece for the festive season. The lantern looks gorgeous and lightens up the room when used with...
Rs. 895.00
Brass Dhuna Gift Set with Stand
Our handcrafted Brass Dhuna set can be the best Diwali gift for your closed ones. It can be used to stream fragrant aromas around your home by placing charcoal embers and powdered resin in its base. Can be used on...
Rs. 3,850.00
Green Handcrafted Spoon Set of 6
Elevate your tablescape with our beautiful vibrant handcrafted spoon set. The vibrant green colour of the spoon will instantly deliver a touch of luxury to your table. Beautiful modern design attracts everyone towards it, this spoon set consists of 6...
Rs. 1,225.00
Handcrafted Wooden Tissue Holder with a Flap
This Handcrafted Wooden Tissue holder with a flap is made from high-quality wood. Beautifully handcrafted work is done on wooden tissue holder by craftsmen. This wooden tissue holder is perfect for the dining table and can also be used in...
Rs. 1,575.00
Handcrafted Wooden Towel/Napkin Holder
Convenience merges with contemporary design to bring you this handcrafted wooden towel/napkin holder which is even hand-painted beautifully that can be used during your dinner parties to organize your napkins on the table. All the products are sanitized well before...
Rs. 900.00
Hand Painted Multipurpose Box
There very-English round tin boxes with bird and branch prints are reminiscent of antique boxes handed over for generations by our families. Handy for keeping it all organized, these boxes add a vintage touch to your console and are perfect...
Rs. 675.00
Three Glass Jars with Tray
Perfect to stock up on your favorite snacks, refreshments, dry fruits & cookies. Comes with 3 jars & 1 tray. Depicts beautiful Hand-Painting. The jars have been handcrafted in glass & while the tray has been handcrafted in wood. Hand-Painted...
Rs. 2,800.00
Black Wooden Tray
Rs. 1,350.00
Black Wooden Tray
Inspired by the terrific beauty of nature and leaves, this themed black wooden tray is great for celebrations. This beautiful tray can be used in your entryway, living room, dining/kitchen, and would be perfect for your decor or gifting.
Rs. 1,350.00
Handcrafted Colourful Medium Turkish Vase
This beautiful colourful floral motif vase is individually handcrafted. This is a hand-painted Turkish vase. This vase has a long neck and a tapered body which is hand-painted with a traditional pattern of red, blue, yellow, green, white and light...
Rs. 15,500.00
Handcrafted Colourful Small Turkish Vase
This piece may be used as a vase or serving bottle for water, wine and cold beverages or may be kept on the desk as a decorative item. Or a magnificent vase for your flowers. It is also suitable as...
Rs. 15,840.00
Handcrafted Turkish Round Pomegranate Big Vase
The unique shape of this Handcrafted Turkish vase displays fresh flowers beautifully - stems rest elegantly between the spiky open top of the pomegranate. Its sculptural shape and rich colour mean it looks divine displayed on a sideboard or shelf, with or without flowers. This...
Rs. 44,500.00
Handcrafted Turkish Round Pomegranate Small Vase
The Turkish Pomegranate Vase is a contemporary example of Ottoman-era design. Each piece is handcrafted, hand-painted. The elegant shape has slightly faceted sides, giving the vibrant floral exterior a jewel-like finish. It is round in shape with small size. The Turkish Pomegranate Vase is a rare find...
Rs. 32,500.00
Handcrafted Turkish Kup Vase
This handcrafted product from Turkey has been perfectly curated according to the Turkish artisan's tastes and expertise. This Turkish Kup vase is crafted in traditional Turkish design using vivid colours and intricate motifs. This colourful vase can be used in...
Rs. 31,500.00
Handcrafted Red Turkish Slim Vase
A beautiful decorative piece this slim handcrafted Turkish vase having a white base and bright red floral patterns for flowers, a stand-alone decor piece or a souvenir. Suitable in any room around your home be it your living, dining, kitchen,...
Rs. 41,500.00
Beautiful White & Blue Turkish Vase
A Delightful Handcrafted Turkish vase decorated with the Cottage Garden pattern Perfect for a bunch of flowers, maybe picked from your own garden! Pretty enough to be used as an ornament in its own right too. The size of the...
Rs. 65,500.00
Gorgeous Blue Turkish Vase
The perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones, handcrafted with love. This elegant Handcrafted Turkish vase will make you and your loved ones happy. This floral vase enlightens your mood and gives you a fresh feel. The size of...
Rs. 32,925.00
Blue Floral Turkish Vase
This Turkish vase is a unique and beautiful gift for any occasion. It is completely handcrafted and decorated with special relief technique. When you see it you feel the floral patterns and fresh vibes. The vase can be used as...
Rs. 42,500.00
Yellow Turkish Decor Plate
A home gleaming with art from far off lands, like this multi-coloured sun themed art, is sure to garner compliments. Decor plates are a nice way to add a touch of elegance to the home interiors. Turkish Decorative Plate is...
Rs. 80,500.00
White Floral Turkish Decor Plate
Bouquet of art on a white-based plate with purple, pink flower and leaves is just beautiful and expressive. Beautify your home or office space with this Turkish decorative plate which provides you with fresh vibes and good feels. The size...
Rs. 8,500.00
Blue Floral Turkish Decor Plate
Turkish Bloom the Floral Dreams for you on a gorgeous and striking plate from the creative artisans of Turkish plates. This handmade flower shaped plate with a blue base featuring floral designs is the perfect option for decorating your space....
Rs. 9,900.00
Blue Turkish Decor Plate
Add oodles of class to your room by picking from our creative range of decorative plates. Beautify your walls with the artistic make, intricate detailing, variety of colours and designs with this Turkish plate. The size of the plate is...
Rs. 15,500.00
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