• Banarasi Silk Saree

    Banarasi Silk Saree
    Many have worn a Benarasi saree and loved it, but its rich story of origin is not known to all of them. Benarasi sarees, as the name suggests, are a product of Banaras. They are lauded for their dainty, intricate brocade work and fine texture – they are made from exclusive quality silk and are heavier than other sarees due to the gorgeous zari...
  • Paithani Traditional Sarees

    Paithani Traditional Sarees
    Paithani sarees popularly known as ‘Queen of Sarees,’ is a trademark of Indian tradition. Paithani saree is considered as one of the royal sarees in India.The saree is an element of richness and grace just not among women of Maharashtra, but among women across the country.The Paithani saree of Maharashtra speaks of traditional finery that has sparkle and dazzle. A rich fabric that employs...
  • Turkish Kilim Bags

    Turkish Kilim Bags
    Kilim originated in the Anatolia area of Turkey. Situated between the Black and Mediterranean seas, Anatolia is often thought of as one of the great crossroads between ancient civilizations. A Kilim is a pileless, tapestry-woven rug or other textiles with geometric designs in rich, brilliant colours, traditionally made in parts of the Middle East and neighbouring region. Turkish Kilim is by far the most...
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