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Kalamkari is otherwise called Kalamkari. It is a well-known type of block printed fabric, which generally uses cotton that originates from specific parts of India and Iran. The word itself is gotten from two distinct expressions of the Persian language, Kalam, which means pen, and Kari which implies craftsmanship. Together, they form the word kalamkari which intends to draw with a pen. It has two distinctive artistic expressions in India that make a differed kalamkari work. The first is the Srikalahasti style. 

This craftsmanship is portrayed by the free, manual use of pens so as to fill colours in designs or to make various outlines. This style will, in general, portray temple and religious art opposed to unique ideas or patterns on the piece of clothing. The other style is known as the Machilipatnum style which started in Andhra Pradesh and initially prospered firmly under the support of the Mughal Rulers and countries. 

This style is made with the assistance of block prints and for the most part, portrays patterns or themes that are derived from nature. It used to be a famous style of structuring during the Mughal rule. Consequently, the two styles can be separated based on kalamkari designs. 

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