What Makes Cotton Sarees An Absolute Favourite Of Indian Women?


Cotton sarees are an absolute must-have for Indian women. If you look carefully, you can find that cotton sarees been a significant of our textile culture since time immemorial. The process of weaving and dyeing cotton fabric began some 5,000 years ago. Thus, you can see a unique variety of cotton sarees coming from all the states of India. However, some are more popular and have lived on still now, while others have lost their presence over time. The fine and soft fabric of cotton sarees has graced the wardrobe of Indian women for a long time. Let’s look at what makes cotton sarees an absolute favourite for Indian women.


The cotton saree is a huge part of our Indian history. Especially during the Indian freedom movement, the prominence of khadi cotton sarees grew. The mass boycott of foreign fabric and the growing adoption of cotton fabric made cotton sarees a common attire of choice for most women in India. Thus, women from affluent backgrounds participating in the Indian independence movement widely refrained from wearing other fabrics and settled mostly for indigenous cotton sarees. This history of cotton sarees makes them not only elegant to wear but also interlacing within the weft of our socio-political history.

Suitability For Climate:

One of the biggest reasons why you may see cotton sarees being an absolute favourite for Indian women is because of the Indian subcontinental climatic conditions. In the subcontinent, mostly you will see a dominance of hot and humid weather conditions. In this type of climatic condition, it is not possible to wear all types of fabrics. Cotton as a fabric is much more breathable and skin-friendly in nature. You can easily wear it even on humid days. None of the other fabrics offers all these perks. Thus, cotton sarees are perfectly suitable for Indian climatic conditions.


For everyday wear, it is not possible to don heavy embroidered sarees or silk sarees; cotton sarees on the other hand are much more everyday-friendly sarees. The simplicity of cotton sarees makes it perfectly friendly for everyday wear. Even without much maintenance, you can easily wear this type of saree. 

Variety Of Styles:

As we have mentioned before almost each state of India has a unique style of cotton saree to its name. Be it the Jamdani cotton saree from West Bengal or Sambalpuri from Orissa or Kalamakari cotton saree from Andhra Pradesh. Cotton saree is a broad category of saree that has plenty of sub-categories within it.

These are some of the reasons why you will always find a place for cotton fabric in the wardrobe of Indian women. Needless to say, Indian women are not growing over the elegance of cotton sarees any time soon.

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