What Makes The Cotton Kurtas A Perennial Choice For the Ladies?


The other name for women's cotton kurtas should be "easy-wear" whether during summer, winter, spring, or autumn. Kurtas keep the body comfortable during all temperatures – a sweater or a jacket can be easily worn over the kurtas during winters, and other seasons give a chance to implement the complementary style thoughts. Now, the ladies are fashion-conscious, while pairing comfort and chic look to be presentable wherever they are taking steps.

We can say the kurtas are easygoing when the sweltering days are at their peak. Nothing can beat the cozy feeling of comfortable cotton kurtas, which stand out to be relaxed, classic and definitely easy-going owing to the flowy fabric. Infact, kurtas are one of the best seasonal fashion hacks to stick to a style and keep calm!

Cotton kurtas are now occupying a major part of the apparel industry, thanks to the ladies' tastes and preferences. Nowadays, the ladies are more obsessed about and inclined into newly designed stylish and patterned kurtas. With the advent of Western influences, designers can curate new styles to bring up fresh trends – no wonder the ladies have made it a must for themselves to own the newly styled kurtas in their wardrobe as well as come before the world wearing a trending kurta. Kurtas have acquired a timeless trend, and are championing the designers, bloggers and fashion lovers.

We shall now take a sneak peek into why cotton kurtas are so popular wears for the ladies.

1. Kurtas Were, Are And Will Always Be Budget-Friendly!

Cotton kurtas are available online at all suitable budget prices. Since these are of a lesser price compared to pure cotton salwar kameez or saree, the ladies prefer to get hold of them and style them with selective bottom wear. Featuring an extensive variety, the Loom spoils the women to make a better choice. They have full freedom to shuffle from the huge display and choose what suits their size and price range.

2. Kurtas Can Be Easily Paired With Multiple Bottoms

What is so noteworthy about cotton kurtas? Pairing them with leggings, palazzos, jeans and patialas is super easy! For formal and office wear looks, the cigarette pants are the impeccable choice. In its contrast, the palazzos are superb for the off-the-cuff and relaxed appearance. Short cotton kurtas can be better paired with skinny jeans, and completed with strappy sandals. In short, kurtas can be chosen for any occasion.

3. Kurtas Are Stylish, Cozy and Long Lasting

Cotton kurtas are fashionable, cosy and even long last – no fading prints, hence no disappointments! The fast colours stay longer, and putting on oozes a proud feeling. Since they are available in various styles and prints, the ladies have a choice to make a smarter buying decision.

4. Kurtas Can Be Easily Styled

Different from other Indian outfits, cotton kurtas are easy to style. Beautiful pair of earrings, bracelets, and a simple necklace is enough to lift the feminine grace and amp up the outfit completely. These style statements are applicable for coloured or multi-coloured kurtas. But the white kurtas, paired with the minimal sophisticated jewellery will win the fashion show. Wearing either flat or pump footwear makes the dressing all complete.

5. Kurtas Are Universally Acclaimed

Almost anyone, starting with the young college-going girls to the office-going ladies, as well as the housewives are free to welcome themselves into wearing kurtas, especially the cotton kurtas. Worldwide designers are recreating the trends to befit the multiplying tastes over time. Kurtas carry an Indianness for which the ladies adore and cherish them.

So, the kurtas are a sigh of relief to the ladies. Since their introduction, the kurtas have successfully won the ladies' hearts. Since the kurtas are accepted at every phase, and movement is easier with kurtas put on – the ladies are at their confidence. As they take each stride in pride, they feel satisfied for the kurtas make them look beautiful while fitting in perfectly with their shape.

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