About Local Weaver And How Should We Help Them During This Pandemic


Each state, town you travel through in India has a rich textile and weaving legacy. And from time immemorial, royalties and connoisseurs of textiles around the world have admired and patronized India’s handwoven textiles.

Patience, perseverance, perpetuation is the three “P”s which portray the unique strength of handwoven textiles of India. The strength of Indian handloom fabrics lies in innovative designs, which cannot be replicated by power looms. Handloom weaving tradition has been kept alive in India by the highly skilled master weavers spread across the country.


Indian weavers Industry has been the most long-established sector, which is responsible for mass employment before independence and after independence. After agriculture, the Indian Textile Industry which includes weavers embroiders, fabricators etc is the second largest sector and supplier of manpower and machine power. Also, it is a self- dependent industry, not depending on the government which includes the training of young weavers.


Weavers of India have not been well recognized by the world as they play an imperative role in the journey from cultivation to final garment, thus there is for Indian weavers to be set on revival.


During this worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, we should help and support our local weavers of the county. We should take a step forward and help our weavers or labours with food and other necessities of life because of those whose livelihood is dependent on a handloom, they have been deeply affected. Their source of income has stopped. The government needs to intervene immediately. We need to give salary to our employees. For the government to immediately put remedial measures in place is going to be a tough ask.

Detailed remedial measures can be chalked out only after the lockdown is over at least partially if not completely. Until then we should try to use safety precautions and even provide our workers with proper masks and sanitizers for protecting their health.

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