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India is a land full of gorgeous textiles, beautiful embroidery styles and stunning traditional embellishments. Every region has a unique type of handicraft and sometimes may even have multiple handicrafts for which it is known. Earlier, the reach of such traditional handicrafts was often restricted to people living in and around that region but today the situation is very different. Many regional clothes have broken out of their geographical restrictions and have become popular and much loved in India and around the world.

This is especially the case with textile rich south Indian states, where almost every village is known for its unique and eye-catching weaves and designs. Garments like the Chettinad saree may not have received the universal fame of other mainstream sarees but they certainly deserve all the accolades they can get.

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The Chettinad saree has been one of the oldest traditional sarees of Tamil Nadu, with its distinctive features that still find their way at times into the modern-day avatars of the region. The distinguishing features of the traditional Chettinad saree are its seemingly heavy look and the striking colours that are achieved through a deft combination of stripes, checks and colour contrasts. The heaviness is attributed to the historical fact that the saree was worn without other accompaniments and in a different way from what is prevalent today. Interestingly the saree was also said to be of shorter length than the conventional one, exposing the anklet portion of the wearers.

Chettinad, in the Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu, India, which had once had a sizeable population but since reduced to very few villages was once the home of the illustrious Nattukottai Chettiars, a very prosperous banking and business community. Chettinad can boast of its local cuisine (hot spicy food and curries), architecture and temples and of course its traditional fabric – the Chettinad saree.

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The general feature of the Handloom Chettinad Cotton Sarees has dark backgrounds with plain to lightly adorned motifs. Current fashion sees geometrical patterns printed on the cotton base and a zari border and colourful pallu, giving that refreshing change for both traditional occasions and formal trendy corporate wear.

Chettinad Sarees brings the trustworthy and sarees in multiple colour mixtures, designs and as well as the patterns. These designs denote custom and femininity. These sarees are to be worn on any special occasion and as their festival collections. All these sarees bear the hallmark that promises 100% quality to their product like, cotton handloom and power loom woven- sarees, -cotton mixed with silk saree and also the pure silk saree.

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These hand woven sarees are classic sarees which never grow old with time. One should have this tremendously beautiful saree in their gracious collection of sarees.

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