Assam Silk Sarees


The state of Assam is one of the most striking regions of India. There is hardly any other state which has greater variety and colour in its nature, culture and people. One of its most important rural industries is the weaving industry which has flourished here for many centuries. The culture of Assam is incomplete without traditional Assam Silk Sarees and Silk Weaving.

At the point when we talk about Assam's silk, it's not simply the raw material; the craft of weaving is additionally included. Together they make for an item that was, sometime in the distant past, adequate to get illustrious support. Talk about silk and Sualkuchi will enter our thoughts. Situated in Kamrup locale of Assam, Sualkuchi was and still is a significant community for silk weaving. The spot rose to distinction during Ahom rule and is ostensibly the most striking element of Assam's culture and custom. 


However, the historical backdrop of Assam's silk goes further back than the Ahom time. Be it the records by Huen Sang on the silk exchange Kamrupa or reference of Assam's silk in Kautilya's Arthashastra—all spoke about the creation of simply the most ideal sort of silk that at any point was there.

The state of Assam is famous for its Silk Handloom and the Weavers’ expertise in various types of Silk-like Eri, Muga, Pat etc. The most prominent and prestigious of all is Muga Silk, which is golden Silk found exclusively in this state. Muga Silk is one of the best nature’s gifts to Assam.

Apart from silk, cotton is additionally another significant texture utilized in making Assam sarees. Assam cotton sarees give an ideal mix of style and solace. Cotton is an evergreen texture which can never lose its appeal and joined with the rich designs which are a part of Assam's cultural life, it very well may be utilized to make the most exquisite and comfortable type of dresses. The most fascinating part of Assam is the weaving work which can't be portrayed in some other word  apart from 'wonderful.' It doesn't make a difference if the weaving is done on silk or cotton, both the textures are similarly excellent and special.


The craft of weaving goes along with the production of Silk since ancient times as Assam was well known for the production of Good Quality Silk.
India is a land of rich textiles and fabrics and out of this huge range of fabrics, SILK IS THE QUEEN! Extravagant and attractive, Silk Fabric is known for its richness and good quality. Enormously used across the country, one can call it as the DARLING OF ETHNIC FASHION. Silk sarees are often referred to as fashion investments because of their timeless and versatile nature. From grandmothers to young brides at Indian weddings, silk is a popular choice. Silk defines luxury to a whole new level with its utter shine, softness and royal appeal.

Let your wardrobe be rich with handloom stories.  Buy an Assamese cotton or silk saree. A Conventional handloom Assam cotton saree has all over small butti design on the base with a red border and gorgeous pallu. Its beautiful patterns give a different look and set it apart from any other handloom design. These sarees are pretty, soft and very lightweight to carry. It has an elegant look and a soft fall. They wrap you in like a gleeful girlfriend.

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