Bhagalpuri Sarees - An Evergreen Beauty


Speak about the legacy and custom, Bhagalpuri silk sarees are an evergreen most loved of each Indian lady who cherishes draping sarees. One of the best-finished silks, this one is known for its sheen and loftiness which are symbolic of the heavenliness that a saree represents. 

You will be amazed and pleased with the same time to realize that Bhagalpuri silk sarees have gotten mainstream across India as well as the world. The fabric is known for its artfulness and has found name and fame among the fashion enthusiasts of the world. 


With all due respect to India, Bhagalpuri silk sarees are the most loved of all ages for occasions, such as, weddings, family works, religious events and different festivals; a heritage that has been passed on from one era to the next.

Bhagalpuri saree made of pure Tussar silk or Bhagalpuri silk is high on demand today. This clothing is cherished among clients from India and even all over the world. Popularly known as the "Queen of all" Bhagalpuri silk is notable among all the ladies across India as well as abroad. It stays at the centre of attention on account of its striking looks, quality and incredible designs.

The origin of Bhagalpuri silk sarees is from the city of Bhagalpur in Bihar. Known as the "silk city" in mainstream society, Bhagalpur has a past filled with gifted skilled workers who exceeded expectations at weaving this exceptional sort of silk. What sets Bhagalpuri silk separated from different assortments of silk is the way that it is environment friendly as very limited  number of silk worms are utilizeused during the creation of this silk. Because of this , Bhagalpuri silk is Referred to as "peace silk". 


Bhagalpuri silk sarees are one of the most ancient fine arts in India. What once started as a normal assignment of isolating the strings from the silk worms and afterward turning on a yarn to weave a splendidly finished fabric before long turned into a zone of intrigue and the Source of livelihood  for many silk craftsmans in Bhagalpur. Such was the craftsmanship of these craftsmans that even the Mughals who ruled India during those days, really appreciated the excellence of the fabric.


Another significant feature of the Bhagalpuri saree is that its one of a kind and top in class coloring technique. Further, it makes these sarees extraordinary and separates them from other art silk sarees. Unlike the  utilization of acid colors on the silk saree textures, the Bhagalpuri saree is colored utilizing unadulterated, natural  and eco-friendly vegetable colours.



One should definitely have one such eco-friendly saree in their gorgeous collection of handwoven sarees which is charming as well as simple to carry.

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