Jamdani Saree


Jamdani weaving is the Cutting Edge image of Bangladesh's rich social legacy. Jamdani Saree is an exceptional sort of weaving done by handloom in regions of Bangladesh. It delivers an excellent, gleaming material with different chronicled designed on it. This is a locale explicit art rehearsed in a couple of rustic regions in Bangladesh exceptionally in Narayongonj and Tangail is celebrated for Jamdani saree, Jamdani has been the most well-known texture result of this handiwork industry since a long time, is broadly mainstream in all over Bangladesh and in late time it's getting more acknowledgement and expanding the interest around the world. 


Jamdani, a word originated from the Persian language, is a mix of the words 'Jam' and 'Dani' signifying "bloom" and "Jar" respectively that implies Jar of Flowers. Essentially this is a saree weaving technique. The craft of making Jamdani sarees is accepted to be a blend of the old material weaving methods rehearsed in Bengal and Muslin clothing and texture creation systems presented by the Mughals. Today it is generally polished in both Bangladesh and west parts of India. The most exclusive, Authentic, Unique and luxurious looking is the Dhakai Jamdani saree. Its exclusivity is associate to its rarity.

When one thinks of Bengal, one of the first things to pop up in our mind, right after the fish and sweets, is its flourishing saree industry. Sarees structure a fundamental piece of each Bengali lady's closet and one of the most well-known materials that boast of rich history and legacy is the Jamdani saree. Popularly it is known as Dhakai Jamdani or simply Dhakai. Considered to be one of the finest variety of muslin that is handwoven from cotton.


One of the most laborious forms of handloom weaves, it’s no surprise that it is considered to be one of the most prized fabrics in the world. Jamdani weaving is time-consuming and labour-intensive because of the richness of its motifs, which are created directly on the loom using the discontinuous weft technique.

A Jamdani saree can be arranged by the varieties that every locale offers. Dhakai Jamdani from Bangladesh is the first and the best sarees with the most intricate workmanship. One Dhakai Jamdani saree could take anyplace between nine months and a year to weave. The Tangail Jamdani is woven in the Tangail region of Bangladesh. Traditionally, these Jamdani sarees have broad borders featuring lotus, lamp and fish scale motifs. The Shantipur Jamdani from Shantipur, West Bengal, is similar to Tangail Jamdanis. They have a fine texture and these sarees are often decorated with elegant striped motifs.


If you are thinking of a perfect saree, without having any doubts you should opt for a beautiful and gracious Jamdani saree which has its roots from Bengal, representing its heritage. 

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